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A group of drug addicts calling themselves "Children of Lucifer" decide to "Cleanse" humankind by "Setting them free".

You play as Jacob and Jessica, a married couple who find themselves helpless in this satanic ritual and try to escape to save their lives

  • Controls :
    •  'W','A','S','D' to Move around
    • '[ACTION KEY] default SPACE' to Accept
    •  '[ACTION KEY] default SPACE' to Attack
    • '[FIRE KEYS] default LEFT CTRL/LEFT ALT' to Change Weapons

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Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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Excuse me, but is it finished content-wise?

Yes, playtime : around 20-22mins on average, depending on how you play, I know it's "pretty" short but yea it tells the complete story I wanted it to tell and isn't stretched just for gameplay, so fun and interesting gameplay/puzzles and a decent story that ends with a scene left for your interpretation


Pretty cool game. The controls make it kinda tough to play but it's still doable. Thanks for the fun!


Thanks for your video!

And yeah many people complained about the weird controls So I fixed it in the V1.2

Thanks for your feedback!

Hope to see you again! :)

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so cool ...like it retro psx


oh god.. whats wrong with the controls! :D


My thoughts as well. 

Hopefully fully functioning controller support will be implemented (for XBOX One at least). I've tried remapping them in the pre-launcher, no luck and it didn't even detect me pressing either of the two back-trigger buttons. The style of this game is pretty neat. Getting those PS2 vibes. If only my hand didn't hurt from that hallway part.

I'm sorry for your unpleasant experience,As of now it only supports keyboard.

 I'm working on controller support, it will be available asap! 


Thank you for your patience, I recently uploaded V1.2 with fully functioning controller support.

P.S. : thanks to you I learnt how to implement controller support lol, I always used keyboard hehe

Deleted 1 year ago

Thank you for your patience, I have updated the controls and you won't be having any problems

from now on! Kindly download V1.2