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The 16th Eve, is A currently work in progress psychological silent hill-manhunt inspired survival horror game with dreamy and mystic elements.


  •     Level 1: "The Zen Garden"
    • is a simple tutorial level, set on a Zen Garden, helping you understand the mechanics of the game.
  •     Level 2: The Med-Evil Theatre
    • "A demolished ruin, which could've been a place for entertainment, ended up hosting a massacre!"
      • has some simple puzzles for you, that can be bypassed if you want, but it will be hard. Set on a Movie Theatre.


Take out your enemies in style with various brutal weapons


    Inventory: ‘I’ / ‘MIDDLE MOUSE CLICK’


    ‘W’,’A’,’S’,’D’ to Move

    Look Around: MOUSE

    Submit: ENTER

    Fire3: ‘RIGHT ALT’

also, the TV overlay is completely optional, you can change that in the settings

You can also follow me on my Twitter @AfternoonDark to follow the development of my future games and stay updated!

ps: If you happen to find any bugs, kindly let me know! also, please consider rating the game, it really helps!

V2: Fixed some bugs

Updated 3 days ago
Published 17 days ago
TagsCreepy, Horror, Mystery, PSX, Psychological Horror, Retro, Short, Singleplayer, Survival Horror


Get this game and 8 more for $10.50 USD
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$2.00 $1.40 USD or more

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He killed a lot of people.

Really fun game. I like how each weapon has a different kill animation to them. Can't wait to see what you make next. Keep it up! 


Pretty cool so far, man. There's some badass weapons in there with some fun kills. It could probably use some more hiding spots to give it more of a stealthy feel but it's still pretty fun as it is. Thanks, dude!


It's giving me Man Hunt Vibes. Dope Game !

It's interesting!




Fantastic! LOVED IT!
Although, I understand it's a test version and there are some things to fix, but overall, super fun, super intense, the animations were neat, fast paced and uniquely different from your other entries. Well-Done!

P.S. Sorry for not posting first lol :D 
(1 edit) (+1)

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

also, sorry about the bugs! gotta fix them!

edit: fixed them!


It's fine. The game looks fantastic! Loved it! 


I beat the game.


hot dang that was fun :D finally some content for my mini channel cuz lately im having billion dead footage ones :D


and sorry for my drunk impression it was bad !

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!


It's like Manhunt.