A downloadable game for Windows

Primrose is a rather short psychological survival horror experience, Filled with disturbing and cruel creatures that appear to be thirsty for your blood.

No one will survive except you,

for you, shall be the harbinger of the wrath.

With or without knowledge, You will take part.

You will follow the chosen one on a path,

Filled with yellow roses,

that takes you to the end


the game is a bit disturbing
if you pay attention to the story/environment

  • Inventory: ‘I’ / ‘MIDDLE MOUSE CLICK’
  • ‘W’,’A’,’S’,’D’ to Move
  • Look Around: MOUSE
  • Submit: ENTER
  • Fire3: ‘RIGHT ALT’

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ps: If you happen to find any bugs, kindly let me know! also, please consider rating the game, it really helps!


Primrose_Windows_Final.rar 110 MB


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Are all of your games will be Free forever?!

will you release any of your games on steam ? 

When I make something longer than 1 hour(Ideally the next one) :)

it just feels weird uploading 20-30min games on there, Sorry for the inconvenience!


ok, good luck with your future games !



This game scared the crap out of me. So even though i was a bit confused i still really enjoyed it. Let me know what you guys think of my gameplay. Thanks. 


Cool experience. I really liked the style of the game.

Good game I liked it a lot didnt have any bugs or anything so thats great. See the video for more. GOOD JOB👍



This game has great potential! The sound had a lot of issues however they didn't take away from the experience too much. The game played well, however, the style is amazing. I love the atmosphere you have here, it truly pulls you into the character's place and makes you always feel uneasy. I made a video on it explaining this a bit more in detail. Also if you did enjoy my content please do consider subscribing, but it's up to you! Thanks! :) 


Pretty cool little game. I like the creepy atmosphere. I'm wondering what the story is with that dead guy who's wearing the same clothes as the main character. I dig your style, man. Thanks!


This is mad!!!
Twisted plot, superb combat, horror vibe and the smell of fear! Just solid, solid! 
For more of my review, check out the video:

Thanks! I'm really glad you liked it :)


The game looks pretty good. I can't wait to see the full version, so I'll even understand the story. congratulations on the work


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When it gets to the part where it begins a movement tutorial no controls move the character, including the WASD keys.

Hmm, I'll see but it seems to be working for everyone else

ref: gameplay I found on youtube

Hey, the game doesn't really open for me. I click it and it just says "How do you want to open this file?".


It looks interesting...I think is too early to say!But yeah...Are there gonna be puzzles?


thanks! and yeah haha, I get it, it only has a few puzzles, and yes I'm still working on it, so yes It should get more updates/puzzles.


Hi! How long is average game duration?

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15-20 mins :)