Full Release (A Note from the Dev!)

All right! This might have been my BIGGEST project until now, tried to make it as good as possible while still keeping in mind that I have to finish it in a month! lol, making games quickly is not easy haha... but the end result seems satisfying, as I imagined it to be, let's just hope it doesn't bug out when you (the players) try to play it. Also, I hope you guys like this style, Resident Evil/Silent Hill-esque.

When I made Dawn Of The Dark Blood, I loved how everyone thought it was good, so I decided to make something like that but improved with interesting puzzles and of course scary monsters! there are not a lot of them because I did not want to make it an action game, I like the weird calm vibe it sends.

To be honest, my expectations are confused, I don't even know what to expect with this, I just hope you guys like it. Other than that, let's see what happens!


ps: I'm making this note a day later because It was really late when I uploaded the game last night (around 1:46 am) lol


ITD_Windows_FinalV11.rar 77 MB
Apr 01, 2021

Get Into The Dark

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I was so looking forward to your game and it delivered hard! One of your best works, I can't even describe with words how tremendous the game looks like, feels like and how it plays. 
Amazing art style, as always. The design of the character was near, I loved how you can see more details on your character. The feel and tension of the atmosphere blew me away. First 5 minutes I was just wondering to get as much as possible. The protagonist and whole scene of (spoiler) is weirdly satisfying and puzzles, those are your very strong suit. Previous games did not have as much as this game brings to the table and I am saying that with all the positivity. 
Camera movement and environments were good, interaction with every small detail is unmissable and terrific.
Overall, I was looking for shock and I got "Into the dark"!
Thanks so much for making this game, I am looking forward to continuation of your work, the DarkDayAfternoon team and the lore of all behind it.
Also, I am sorry I could not upload. For unfortunate copyright reasons, which was not my fault, I got a strike and have to be like this for 2 weeks. 
Good Luck! Wish you all the best and so much sooo much looking for more of your projects. 

Thanks! I'm glad you loved it lol! thanks for your awesome feedback it really motivates me!


Well done, man! I only have two complaints, though, and they might also apply to your previous games. First of all, try to make less grammar mistakes and typos, it really breaks the immersion and can be avoided by either reading through the game's texts carefully or asking someone else to fix it, if your language skills aren't the best. Secondly, it's always kind of dissapointing to see assets, models and animations bought/obtained for free from the Unity store, so instead try to make your own custom models and enemy animations (even if they're not high-quality, even a little bit of effort is always appreciated).

Thanks for the feedback! I'll pay more attention to the typos and grammar mistakes! and avoid using premade assets :)

(that's embarrassing :| lol)