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Dawn of Dark Blood is a psychological Thriller puzzle game inspired from old ps1 games like Silent Hill and Resident Evil, with a pinch of VHS for effect.

:- dreadxp

"Michael, son of a poor maid, gets a letter from his mother asking him to visit, as the person for whom she works, has a job for him. But when he arrives troubling and horrifying secrets about the Mansion are uncovered."

Will he survive? Will he shoot? Will you shoot?

Don’t forget to tag me on Twitter @AfternoonDark with your gameplay/advice or just shoot me a simple “Hi” I’ll respond, I don’t have anything to do besides making games.

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Kindly consider rating the game, it really helps and if you happen to find any bugs, kindly let me know

|A note from the developer|

While developing this game I was thinking of interesting scenarios that could be dramatic enough that they give the feel of old cheesy movies, and while doing so, I came across a scene from the game, (Intro to be specific)(I won't spoil it for those who haven't played it), that really made me think, I mean, would you shoot? and that question stuck And now I'm asking you, and I really want to hear your answers to the question "Do you shoot? or do you let "IT" wander? answer me here or on my Twitter @AfternoonDark! with #doyoushoot [..SEE DEVLOGS FOR FULL VERSION OF THE NOTE..]

  • V1.1 on 25-01-2020:
    • Fixed many small bugs

[This and All my new games, are available for free "ONLY" for first few days for people who are unable to pay for them but like them]

Dawn Of Dark Blood


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Development log


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This was a pretty fun little RE fetus. I would have liked a first person perspective more, but that's just my own bias. Had a good time playing it. Thanks.


Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it!



Check out my video on the game, you won't regret it

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Thanks for your gameplay and feedback :)

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Its a cool game you made here. I liked the PS1 graphic style it always make me feel nostalgic. The controls in this game is a bit too sensitive and maybe add an option to lower it in the game.  The story was decent, I liked the pacing of the notes where it wasn't too long but not too vague. The monster probably could be faster and maybe add a few more to build the suspense. Overall, great job I am curious what more you may bring the in the future.

Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you liked it :)


Did I shoot...... YES!!!! LOL alot, I loved the feel of the game it had the creepy factor, the action button tripped me up when it sent me to my inventory but I figured that out. Story of what the guy did was fun to read and though it was short still had a good time over all


Thanks! I'm glad you liked it :)


I can see the RE inspiration though I'd argue that the pov like RE4 would be a bit more better suited here. But besides that, the game's great.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

Thanks for the feedback! :) I'm glad you enjoyed


Loved it.

Survival Horror games are really rare to find!


Thanks glad You liked it :)


1:43 bug?

Yes, That's..really weird I'll have a look at it, thanks for feedback


Gotta say I see the Res Evil inspiration. However I think the aim/cam could use a fix  but otherwise this was an interesting experience, I like what you have here and I would say expand on what you have got here. Keep on creating more games my friend I want to see what you can do. 

I'm glad you liked it, Also thanks for the feedback I'll have a look at the controls :)


I have to say thank you again and keep on making these my friend. 


That was pretty fun, man. That screaming definitely made the atmosphere creepy as hell. Nice job, dude! Keep up the good work.


Thanks :) Glad you liked it


Fantastic game!!! I have admired your work for a while now, playing all of the games off screen, but posting 1 game on my channel and this is the second in the entry.  
To be short, the game's quality overall is amazing. There are some minor bugs with controls, which did not bother me, only saying because I've read others' comments about it. Liked the sound design, monsters were creepy and the atmosphere was settling, I heard on time footsteps and I thought there was something behind me, great stuff.
Compare to your other games, this is very much in style of Silent Hill/Resident Evil, but more so Silent Hill, the beginning, middle and end was very Silent Hill style, the Door opening (made it my thumbnail) was very Resident Evil Style. Overall, the game is top notch, but I prefer  Pretty Visitors the most, because it is very different, much more scary and very disturbing. This game might be on the second place. 
Finally, my verdict is 8/10. All thanks to you, amazing developer/developers and please make more. 
Greatly appreciate your work, best of luck. 
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Thank you very much for awesome compliments :) I'm really glad you enjoyed

PS: If you like scary+different+distrubing games, you're gonna love what I'm planning for my next project lol


Looking forward to it. I enjoy your games a lot. Hope to see it soon!

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cool creepy and vibe resident evil :D

:D thanks


Very good experience. I managed to get references from Alone In The Dark, Resident Evil and Silent Hill. The graphics are very good and the setting is incredible.

There is a bug in the key part next to the gun. There, when you interact with the key and move the mouse, the camera moves and creates a white image on the screen that prevents progress in the game. 

I'm glad you liked it, also thanks for your response I'll have a look at the said bug :)


Huge resident evil vibe, however I had problems with mouse sensitivity and controls in general, I had to spam click m1 to interact with objects etc, however it was very good game hopefully you'll make more in the same style


Thanks for your feedback! I'll have a look at the controls :) I'm glad you liked it! And I enjoyed making this too so I'm pretty sure I'm gonna stick to this style for a while at least

Domage c'etait court, il y aurais une suite ?

court? eh bien c'est embarrassant pour moi, c'était censé durer 40-50 minutes, désolé mais c'est tout, pour l'instant merci pour vos commentaires, je vais prolonger mon prochain

(Grâce à Google Traduction)

(Thanks to google Translate)


Oui c'etait court, je l'ai terminer en 24 minutes et je savais pas se qui m'attendais en l'installant, le jeux rappel la période PSX, mais j'espere vraiment que vous allez faire la suite, parceque il est bon.

Je suis content que ça vous ait plu, j'essayais en quelque sorte ce style et je ne suis pas sûr, c'est peut-être pour ça que ça s'est avéré court. Merci pour vos aimables paroles, cela me motive vraiment :) Et je prévois quelque chose de plus long et plus effrayant pour mon prochain projet, vous aimerez sûrement ça

(Encore une fois google translate)

(Again google translate)

Le seul point que je trouve qu'il faut revoir, c'est la maniabilité du personnage et la camera derriere le personnage qui a tendance a revenir vers sont point central, je pense que c'est volontaire de votre part, mais sa gache la jouabilité, une bonne maniabilité, sa permet de mieux se concentré sur le jeux.

je vien de refaire le jeux et la maniabilité c'est amélioré, je pense que le probleme venais de ma souris

Peut-être, mais je vais y jeter un œil aussi :) merci pour vos commentaires


I can't seem to interact with that statue. I can see that you get a key from it in your screenshot but it just pulls up the inventory every time I click it.

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Yes, looks like you don't have anything in your inventory, you need a nose that's missing in that statue (perhaps I should make that more clear in the game) Once you have that in your inventory, you can use that item and it will solve that puzzle rewarding you with a hidden key! Kindly let me know if it doesn't work out, I'll see asap, but if this was the case, it'll work